As South Africa’s leading professional body for Executive and Professional Assistants, PANSA’s mission is to champion, promote and develop the Assistant profession. We commit to providing a supportive, inclusive, innovative and empowering environment, where our members can develop expertise to maximise effectiveness and satisfaction in their Assistant careers. Our values are the very fibres that allow our profession to be recognised as a Force for Excellence.


PANSA will always act appropriately, transparently and honestly, whilst being accountable for our actions. We will conduct our business with members and the wider community to a high standard of ethics.


At PANSA we believe in fostering an environment, through membership, where people can contribute, innovate and truly excel in their careers as Executive and Professional Assistants. We will value the contributions of others, regardless of background or experience.


At PANSA, we want to achieve exceptional results for the profession. We strive to work hard with our members and the wider community to learn and share best practice about the profession. We shall also encourage this across every level of our membership.


At PANSA we are forward thinking and committed to research and development of the wider profession. We will continuously invest in the membership via new products, learning technologies, systems and new ways of thinking, to ensure our members are and continue to excel in their careers.


We are passionate about building strong and long lasting relationships with our members and the wider community. PANSA will put energy, commitment and enthusiasm into promoting the profession.


We have high ambitions and a commitment to high quality in all that we do for and on behalf of the profession. We strive to provide value for our members, in assisting them to excel in their roles as Executive and Professional Assistants.