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We also ensure that the whole team is included in the process and that no one is left out during the turnaround. The most crucial part is ensuring some degree of financial stability during the turnaround.

CoachME is performance and purpose driven to improve the individual’s skill on the job. This involves enhancing current skills and acquiring new skills. Once the coached candidate successfully acquires the skills, the coach is no longer needed. CoachME also provides guidance on how to plan your work days, manage difficult people, or like many of us, need to upgrade on our organisational skills.

Anel Martin Training – Confidence, brand, time management and stress: 

Michele Thwaits Empowered4Success – International facilitator | Trainer | Coach & Mentor | Writer | Virtual Assistant

Suezette Smit – Performance Development Interactive – Global Leadership Coach | International Speaker | MC | Teambuilder

Mentoring is a long term learning experience with long term results and outcomes, and assists with all aspects of your secretarial role and self-development. To book a mentor select one of the following mentors, click on “BookMe”, complete the short registration form, and submit.

MentorME seeks to provide a safe environment where the mentee shares whatever issues affect their professional and personal successes. Although specific learning goals or competencies may be used as a basis for creating the relationship, its focus goes beyond these areas to include things, such as work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception, and how the personal influences the professional.

MentorME requires time in which both parties learn about one another and build a mutual trust that creates an environment in which the mentee feels safe in sharing issues that impact their success. The mentor drives the relationship.

Contact or 

The following PA professional bodies are available to Executive Personal Assistants, Management Assistants, Secretaries and Administrators. Every professional has its own professional organisations; therefore, membership of a PA professional body will reinforce the status of PAs as professionals and managers. These organisations should also allow PAs to network with other PAs for best practices and problem solving.

Country / Region Location Name Contact
Australia AIOP – Australian Institute of Office Professionals
Australia Melbourne Melbourne EA Group
Australia The EA Institute
Barbados Barbados Association of Office Professionals (BAOP)
Belgium ALISAD – Association Liégeoise des Secrétaires et Assistant(e)s de Direction
Belgium IMA – International Management Assistants
Belgium Antwerp ManAs – Antwerp Network for Management Assistants
Brazil ABPSEC – Brazilian Association of Research in Secretarial Science
Brazil Brazilian Executive Assistants
Brazil FENASSEC – Brazil’s National Federation of Secretaries htttp://
Brazil Pepitas Secretaries Club
Brazil Sao Paolo SINSESP – Sindicato das Secretárias e Secretários do Estado de São Paulo
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul SISERGS – Sindicato das Secretrias e Secretarios no estdo do Rio Grande do Sul
Canada Association of Administrative Professionals 
Canada Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants
Canada IAAP – International Association of Administrative Professionals
Canada SDA – Society for Design Administration
Channel Islands Jersey The PA Network Jersey
Cyprus IMA – International Management Assistants
Denmark IMA – International Management Assistants
Finland IMA – International Management Assistants
Finland Sihteeriyhdistys Sekreterarföreningen ry
France FFMAS – French Federation of Trade of the Assistantship and Secretariat
France IMA – International Management Assistants
Germany bSb – Bundesverband Sekretariat und Büromanagement e.V.
Germany IMA – International Management Assistants
Ghana CIAMC – Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants (CIAMC) 
Greece IMA – International Management Assistants
Iceland IMA – International Management Assistants
India Mumbai IASAP – Indian Association of Secretaries & Administrative Professionals
Indonesia ISI – Ikatan Sekretaris Indonesia
Ireland APAI –  The Association of Professional Administrators in Ireland
Italy IMA – International Management Assistants
Italy Secretary.IT Manager Assistant Network
Japan JSA – Japan Secretaries & Administrative Professionals Association
Kenya KENASA – Kenya National Secretaries Association
Korea KAAP – Korean Association of Administrative Professionals
Luxembourg IMA – International Management Assistants
Malaysia MAPSA – Malaysian Association of Professional Secretaries & Administrators
Netherlands IMA – International Management Assistants
Netherlands NVD – Nederlandse Vereniging van Directiesecretaressen
New Zealand AAPNZ – Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Inc
New Zealand EA Inc – Executive Assistants Inclusive
New Zealand PACE – Professional Assistants to Chief Executives
Nigeria IPMA – Institute of Professional Managers and Administrators of Nigeria
Nigeria OPA – Organisation of Professional Assistants of Nigeria
Norway IMA – International Management Assistants
Pakistan DSSP – Distinguished Secretaries’ Society of Pakistan
Panama Asociacion de Secretarias Ejecutivas de Panama
Papua New Guinea PNGAAP – Papua New Guinea Association of Administrative Professionals
Philippines PAS – Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals Inc.
Portugal ASP – Associacã de Secretarias Profissionais Portuguesas
Russia IMA – International Management Assistants
Singapore SAAP – Singapore Association of Administrative Professionals
South Africa Cape Town IMA – International Management Assistants
South Africa Bedfordview PAFSA – Professional Association for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
South Africa Sandton Platinum Assistant Network South Africa


South Africa Cape Town Powerful PA Training and Network
South Africa Johannesburg The PA Network
South America Mundo Asistentes
Spain Aragon Asociacion del Secretariado Profesional de Aragon (ASPA)
Spain Madrid Asociación del Secretariado Profesional de Madrid (ASPM)
Spain IMA – International Management Assistants
Spain SEIEM – Secretariat i Empresa
Sri Lanka AAP – Academy for Administrative Professionals
Sri Lanka SLAAPS – Sri Lanka Association of Administrative & Professional Secretaries
Sweden Stockholm Chefsassistenterna (Chief Assistants)
Sweden IMA – International Management Assistants
Switzerland IMA – International Management Assistants
Thailand WSAT – Women Secretaries and Administrative Professionals Association of Thailand
The Caribbean CAAP – Caribbean Association of Administrative Professionals
Turkey IMA – International Management Assistants https:/
United Arab Emirates Platinum PA Club
United Kingdom ACA – Association of Celebrity Assistants
United Kingdom AMSPAR – The Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists
United Kingdom Bucks Berks and Oxon BBOPAN (Bucks Berks and Oxon PA Network)
United Kingdom Northern Ireland Belfast PA Network
United Kingdom Birmingham Birmingham PA Forum
United Kingdom British Society of Medical Secretaries & Administrators (BSMSA)
United Kingdom London Canary Wharf PA Club
United Kingdom Charity PA Network
United Kingdom Chester and North Wales Chester and North Wales PA Network
United Kingdom Cornwall and Plymouth Cornwall and Plymouth PA Forum (CAPPAF)
United Kingdom Doncaster Doncaster PA Network
United Kingdom East Midlands East Midlands PA Network
United Kingdom Scotland Edinburgh PA Network
United Kingdom EDPA
United Kingdom EPAA – Executive & Personal Assistants Association
United Kingdom Essex Essex PA Network
United Kingdom Global PA Association
United Kingdom Guernsey Guernsey PA Connect Network Contact: Donna Oliver – Founder
United Kingdom IAgSA – Institute of Agricultural Secretaries & Administrators
United Kingdom IAM – The Institute of Administrative Management
United Kingdom IMA – International Management Assistants
United Kingdom Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs
United Kingdom Kent Kent EA & PA Network
United Kingdom London LCCI PA Club
United Kingdom London London City Airport Premier PA Club
United Kingdom London London PA Network
United Kingdom Miss Jones PA
United Kingdom National Association for Legal Assistants
United Kingdom London Network PA SW1
United Kingdom Newcastle Newcastle PA Network
United Kingdom Scotland Scottish PA Network
United Kingdom Society of Virtual Assistants
United Kingdom South Hampshire South Hampshire PA Network
United Kingdom Science & Technologies Facilities Council STFC PA Forum Sue Carter ( +44 (0)1235 445610
United Kingdom Suffolk Suffolk PA Network
United Kingdom Sussex Sussex PA Network
United Kingdom The Assistant Room
United Kingdom The PA Club
United Kingdom Yorkshire & Merseyside The PA Hub
United Kingdom The PA Way
Uruguay ADESU – Associación de Secretarias del Uruguay
USA Los Angeles ACPA – Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants
USA Houston Administrative Professionals – Houston
USA AEAP – Association of Executive & Administrative Professionals
USA AHCAP – Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals
USA Tri-Cities APTC – Administrative Professionals of the Tri-Cities
USA ASAP – American Society of Administrative Professionals
USA Audacious Admin
USA Boston Creative Admin
USA C-Suite Executive Support Professionals
USA EAO – Executive Assistants Organisaton
USA IAAP – International Association of Administrative Professionals
USA Las Vegas IVAA – International Virtual Assistants Association
USA Legal Secretaries International Inc
USA New York New York Celebrity Assistants (NYCA)
USA OrgOrg – Organization Organizers
USA SDA – Society for Design Administration
USA Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals
Worldwide Argentina Comunidad Hispana de Asistentes
Worldwide United Kingdom Global PA Association
Worldwide Global Virtual Assistant Networking Organisation
Worldwide IMA – International Management Assistants
Worldwide LGBT Administration Professional Network
Worldwide The Social Network for Virtual Assistants
Zambia PSAZ – Professional Secretaries Association of Zambia
Zimbabwe ICSAZ – Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
Endorsed Training Vendors

We bring you a list of vendors who offer a discount on their training to our members. Contact us for more information.
Click here to view our list of highly recommended training vendors.

Endorsed Facilitators

The following facilitators are top of the range Management Assistant Trainers and facilitators, who have a vast knowledge of experience and skills in our profession. We encourage our members to always research both training organisations and facilitators before signing up.

Click here to view our list of highly recommended facilitators.

Note: Should you wish to participate on our endorsed facilitators list please email your application will be reviewed.

Artboard 2-80

Skills levelling assessment tool

This tool will assist you in identifying where you currently are, where you need to be, and will help you identify what training you need. This tool needs to be used in conjunction with your performance appraisal. We recommend that you sit with your manager and go through the skills on the left hand side and determine your skills level. When you do this exercise, you must appreciate that we don’t know everything, and very few of us are at expert level 5, so be realistic and allow space for you to develop.

The right hand side of the tool will need to be completed at your next performance appraisal, by which time you would have been on the training identified earlier. You will again sit with your manager to determine your progress, and mark it off accordingly. This tool is great to use on an ongoing basis as it shows your growth and provides the justification needed to go on training.

Skills Matrix

Many times we are asked what we actually do other than make tea and coffee and take messages. This matrix template allows you to categorize all the functions you do on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. This matrix is very useful in compiling your CV. Instead of repeating of the duties performed under each organization where you worked, you can now place all of these onto one matrix. It is pretty simple and we have included an example of one for you.