PANSA Lunch & Learn with Diana Brandl – How to draft a successful Elevator Pitch

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How to draft a successful Elevator Pitch

Imagine your new executive is standing in front of you and you only have 30 seconds to share your story. How do you manage to get the other person excited about you, your work, or your idea in such a short time? The most effective tool for such a situation is the Elevator Pitch – the mastery of persuasive selling. The Elevator Pitch was developed in the 1980s by young American salespeople who found themselves in exactly this situation – often only being able to talk to their stressed bosses about their work and ideas in an elevator. Since then, the Elevator Pitch has made its triumphant way into all areas of marketing. In this interactive talk, Diana will show you how to formulate your Elevator Pitch and practice it in an effective way and most importantly use it on Social Media.


Mar 30 2022


12:00 - 13:00


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