PANSA Lunch & Learn with Jackie van Meyeren – A Personal Development programme

Jackie will share a short overview of how she can guide the PA’s as part of a personal development programme using the tenets of the Transformation Life Coaching Program. The full program is usually 16 to 18 hours divided in 2 hour session. There are certain aspects of the program which can be done in a group setting, such as training people on the Primary Representational System, The Prime Directives of the Subconscious Mind, Success Mindset Strategies and the Art of Successfully Setting Goals. Individual sessions (one on one) will include Inner Conflict Therapy™, Negative Emotional Therapy™, Sub-Coding (for example changing the individual’s mind’s coding from Disliking something to Liking Something), Bang Pattern™ (exploding the individual’s self-image which includes an easy technique for them to elicit that feeling in the future at any time), Relationship Clear-Up, Trauma Release and much more.

The program is designed to focus on, amongst other topics,

  • Improvement of productivity, career success and enjoyment in the work life
  • Successfully setting goals and intentions
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • Enhancement of communication skills and relationships
  • Development of a strong sense of self-awareness and purpose

The individual sessions will be tailored to each person’s needs and requirements. All these focus areas will also be effective in the individual’s personal life, as we work holistically. If a group is booked, the price will be determined on a sliding scale based on the size of the group. She hopes that this information provides some insight.


Jun 15 2022


12:00 - 13:00


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