Coffee & Courage virtual session | 8 Principles of Empowered Leadership with Angela Perdichizzi

You are invited to join us as we navigate through the 8 Principles of Empowered Leadership with Angela Perdichizzi.

The 8 Principles of Empowered Leadership was created by Angela Perdichizzi who has extensive leadership, education and coaching experience. Angela has won national awards and international recognition for designing, developing, facilitating and assessing leadership programmes and delivering measured results for role, career and organisational impact.

Principles serve as the foundation for a system of behavior, a chain of reasoning, and a rule or belief. Leadership principles, therefore, serve as the foundation for the behavior expectations for the leaders in an organization and in this case Executive Assistants.

Whether the Executive Assistant is elevated from within or brought into their organization, their leadership interpretation will have an impact on people and culture. With each leader bringing unique attributes that directly influence their leadership style, leadership principles are the common denominator for how leaders could to show up in an organization and represent their profession.

It will be an opportunity to learn, share and grow.

Bring your coffee with as we engage our hearts and feed our minds!



May 10 2023


13:00 - 14:00
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