PANSA Coffee & Courage virtual session | How handling her PA role like it’s her business, changed her career with Shana Ontong

Join Shana Ontong as she talks about her journey to Executive PA and how deciding to handle her role like it was her business changed her career.

Shana Ontong has 24 years total administrative experience, of which 18 of those years is as an Executive PA.

Her career journey has been filled with challenges, adventures, and unexpected detours.  She uses those experiences to draw from when she encourages other PAs.

It was never Shana’s intention to be a PA, and in many ways, the role found her!

She talks about how she pivoted from a feeling of ‘no-hope’ to success in her career, the challenges she faced, the lessons she learned along the way, and how she finally managed to overcome her biggest obstacle – herself!

Changing her mindset from that of “employee” to being a “self-business” changed the course of her life and career.

Now she’ll share these secrets with you.

Shana lets you in on her biggest secret, her biggest mistake and how that almost diverted her from career success, and shares what is possibly the most overlooked resource in your career toolkit and how to tap into it for success.

Shana has never publicly shared these details before, so this is one PANSA session you don’t want to miss!


Aug 18 2023


13:00 - 14:00
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